I had this idea of starting a family swimwear collection almost two decades ago. I saw this gorgeous and exotic family coordinating hanging out near the pool in their black swimwear and I was like... that is the epitome of a family vacation? So, in 2016, when the I was blessed with a baby girl, I knew I would have to start this dream of a family beachwear line. When I a little girl myself, I was obsessed with dressing up my babydolls and I'd go to sleep dreaming about which outfit I would put them into the next day. So, naturally, this mommy and baby swimwear collection was my destiny.

My little babes and I are so excited to start selling our exclusive beach line called MOMBY Beachwear. Momby is the combo for MOM +BABY and we saw a need in the market when the clothing and swimsuits were over the top "matchy matchy" and not at all stylish (& to be honest, a little cheesy sometimes). This line exudes our style and gives mamas a chance to hang with their babes on the beach and the pool, creating lifetime memory. I didn't want any mamas to miss out on these photo opportunities because we know you're not going to be able to get away with coordinating cute beach looks together forever! They are not little for long. That is why we only offer sizes from 6 months to 6 years to capture the sweetest memories.

Please contact me with any questions or inquiries at Jessica@mombybeachwear.com