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Hi Mamas!! My name is Jessica Leidolf and I am married to my dream man, Jamie Leidolf and we have a daughter named Lottie and an English Bulldog named Jezebel Jelly Rolls. We have lived in Denver, San Diego, Nashville, and Atlanta. Now we currently reside smack dab in the middle of the country, in Saint Louis, MO.

I had this idea of having a family swimwear collection almost two decades ago when I would go on family trips with my cousin to Florida. I saw this gorgeous and exotic family coordinating their black swimwear and I was like, how amazing is that. Last year, when the I was blessed with a baby girl, I knew I would have to start this dream of starting a family beachwear line. I used to dress up my baby dolls when I was younger, but not like any other child. I literally obsessed with changing their outfits and I would always try to coordinate looks with my baby dolls and while I would sleep, I swear I dreamt of what I was going to dress my baby girl dolls in all night long. Now that I have my own real life babydoll, we play dress up every chance we get.

Lottie and I are so excited to start selling our exclusive line of MOMBY Beachwear. Momby is the combo for MOM +BABY. We will also have daddy-daughter beachwear, which makes for the cutest photo opp. We saw a need in the market when the clothing and swimsuits were exactly matchy matchy, and not at all stylish, to be honest, a little cheesy sometimes. This line exudes our style and gives mamas a chance to hang with thier babes on the beach, creating a memory. Since they are not little for long and it isn't just swimwear, it is a memory on the beach with your babies because we know you're not going to be able to get away with coordinating looks together for long!

Please contact me with any questions or inquiries at Jessica@mombybeachwear.com


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